What is included in a roof restoration?

If your property is currently in need of some TLC there may be a more economical option as opposed to having to replace your roof. Roof restoration companies can present you with the benefits of not just a safe and weather-proof structure, but will also bring its appearance back to looking 5 stars.

This process involves repairing, washing and repainting and resealing your roof to make it like new great again. This process is proven to be beneficial long term for all kinds of roofs including cement tiles, terracotta tile, metal and more. If this is your very first experience with roof restoration, you may be wondering exactly what is involved. This blog will discuss more!

The steps involved in a roof restoration

A proper roof restoration begins with a full inspection, followed by a thorough pressure wash. Our team will start by replacing the ridging cap and then apply a protective sealant designed to keep the roof safe and durable and clean. This entire procedure will provide your roof with a clean look and will actively add years to its lifespan.

Special services including extensive repair:

A roof restoration will differ based on the condition and type of your current roof. If the problems with your roof are minor, then the entire restoration renovation won’t take much time to do. But if the roof needs extensive repair, then roof restoration has that covered as well. 

  • Most specialised technicians perform not just repair, but thorough washing of the tiles and gutters
  • We use modern tools and industry-leading technology to perform a roof renovation
  • The restoration service comes with 10, 15 and 20-year warranties as we are completely confident in our workmanship.

Preventing leaks and any future issues:

A poorly cared for roof is likely to suffer damage in harsh weather conditions and cause problems in the rest of your structure. This can lead to inconvenient and damaging leaks, mould, rot, and stains. Roof restoration is one easy and proven way to ensure that your property stays protected and in a healthy state.

  • Roof restoration experts will change the underlayment of the roof if needed to maintain a strong base for the top roofing layer.
  • If there are any leaks or damage, like broken tiles
  • Any damaged areas will be sealed with a protective paint coat to seal and keep the roof protected

Each roof restoration procedure is different. Some experienced experts will take time to develop an individualised plan for your roof restoration.

For some roofs, it is possible to remove, clean and then reinstall individual sections to restore the roof without any expensive work. In the instance of tiled roofs, our experts evaluate each tile and preserve what can be repaired during the restoration.

To be sure you’re making the best choice, give the professionals a call to get an obligation-free evaluation of your roof today. If you’re in need of Paisley Roofing Company then you can reach out to our partners at Paisley Roofing Services for a top quality job!

How to Repair a Roof When You Have a Leak

If you are looking for ways to fix and renovate your leaking roof, then you are in the right place! In this article, we will look at some of the quick and easy ways you can get your roof back to a functioning state! Therefore, let’s dive in and see!

  • Patching any holes

The small holes occur when roofing nails are misplaced or exposed. To repair them, remove the pins and then patch any holes through flashing.

  • Replacing the step flashing

If you don’t nail a step flashing correctly, it can cause leaks into your property. To fix this situation, simply remove shingles that are attached to the damaged flashing. Next, replace the defective step flashing with a new one. More importantly, ensure that you correctly nail the step flashing after replacing it.

  • Fixing a damaged a plumbing vent

As we have discussed, missing nails or a cracked casket can cause vent leak. In case your plumbing vent is metallic, it is advisable to thoroughly check it for a broken seam. If the seam is damaged, replace it with a new one. However, if the leak is due to missing nails, change them with rubber washer screws.

  • Repairing a leaking roof on the chimneys

Sometimes, flushing around the fireplace can rust and cause a leak. To solve this problem, put a new flashing below the defective one.

  • Fixing shingles

If your roof is leaking due to curled, damaged, or missing shingles, the best remedy is to straighten, repair, or replace them. After straightening the shingle, reattach it using special asphalt roof cement.

  • Repairing a crack in the roof with sealant

You don’t have to replace a shingle with a clean tear but apply roof sealant under the crack using a caulking gun. After that, press the shingle down and then apply another head of the sealant over the opening. Simply sprinkle it with asphalt granules if you want the sealant to match the color of your shingles.

Final Thoughts on How to Repair a Leaking Roof

Repairing a leaking roof is crucial for your safety and convenience of residents. The scale and nature of the leak determine whether to fix it yourself or if you should hire a professional roofing contractor. You can repair a leaky roof by patching the small holes, repairing cracks with sealant, straightening or replacing damaged shingles, and fixing a plumbing vent. If you are not confident with roof repair, seek advice from a professional before acting. So if you’re ever a looking for a roof restoration Penrith, then you can reach out to Penrith Roof Restoration Experts for a free quote!